Mike Goins

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Mike Goins began photography in 1975.  Mike built a B/W darkroom in his parents basement where he processed his own 35 mm film and developed his own pictures.

Mike had a unique passion for the ocean and wanted to become a diver.  In 1992 Mike took his first breath underwater and he knew his life was changed forever.  In 1995 Mike was introduced to underwater photography and he bought his first underwater camera.  Mike’s strong passion for the underwater world drove him to become a professional PADI Divemaster.

Underwater photography allowed Mike to view the world in a very unique way. Mike discovered a world of astonishing life and colors that could not be put into words. A world that many will never experience.

Mike began to observe the underwater world through his lens and capture the elegance of life below the surface. 

Mike has been diving for over 25 years and one of the greatest things about being an underwater photographer is the vast amount of knowledge and insight that he has acquired about marine life behaviors, personalities and the ecosystem. Mike has seen firsthand how fragile and most of all, how important our ecosystem is to our future.

What Mike hopes to capture with all of his images are rare moments that few will get to experience in real life. Mike produces fine art photography with the purpose of being displayed and enjoyed for a lifetime.

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